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Soil Filled TRM
Non Soil Filled TRM
Landlok TRM1060 Installation
Landlok TRM450 Installation
Turf Reinforcement Matting

, Turf reinforcement is a method or system by which the natural ability of plants to protect soil from erosion is enhanced through the use of geosynthetic materials.

Laboratory tests have proven that reinforced systems can provide up to twice the erosion protection of un-reinforced vegetation.

LANDLOK® three-dimensional turf reinforcement mats (TRM's) are composed of UV stabilised, non-biodegradable, polyolefin fibres mechanically bound between two high strength biaxially oriented nets.

LANDLOK TRM's are designed to provide superior initial erosion protection, rapid vegetative establishment and outstanding long term erosion resistance.

Landlok TRM1060
Consists of a lofty three-dimensional web of black polyolefin fibers positioned between two high strength, biaxially oriented nets mechanically bound together by polyolefin stitching to form a dimensionally stable matrix.

Landlok TRM1060 has sufficient thickness (17mm) and void space (>90%), balanced with optimal ground cover to allow soil filling and/or retention as well as emergence of plants from beneath or within the matrix.

Soil, the "quintessential mulch", acts as a womb to induce seed germination, natural seedling development and allows the root system to become entangled with the geosynthetic matrix.

Landlok TRM450
Landlok TRM450 is comprised of a dense, three-dimensional web of green polyolefin fibers oriented and mechanically bonded between two nets.

This matrix has been designed to be non soil-filled in order to provide maximum erosion protection through increased ground coverage, while allowing immediate aesthetics and growth of vegetation through the mat.

Landlok TRM450 is generally placed above a seeded surface and relies upon sediment capture rather than soil filling for increased stability. Superior strength, performance and durability separates this TRM from temporary degradable "high velocity" organic blankets.

Landlok Turf Reinforcement Mats
Maximum Recomended Design Values
 Product Velocity Shear Stress
Short Term
(1/2 hr)
Long Term
(50 hrs)
Short Term
(1/2 hr)
Long Term
(50 hrs)

Landlok TRM1060
Non Vegetated

4.3 m/sec
6.1 m/sec
2.4 m/sec
4.3 m/sec
285 N/m2
380 N/m2
95 N/m2
240 N/m2
Landlok TRM1060
Non Vegetated
5.5 m/sec
5.5 m/sec
2.4 m/sec
3.0 m/sec
335 N/m2
335 N/m2
95 N/m2
190 N/m2
Natural Vegetation
Class C
1.5 m/sec 0.6 m/sec 45 N/m2 25 N/m2
Demonstration of soil containment and interlock by pyramidal cells and ribs.
Permanent Erosion and Reinforcement Matrix

PYRAMAT® is a three-dimensional geotextile matrix designed for erosion control applications where maximum strength and durability are required.

Composed of UV stabilised monofilament yarns woven into dimensionally stable pyramid like openings, PYRAMAT erosion matrix has excellent tensile strength, high coefficient of friction and superior interface shear resistance.

It provides superior protection and better long term performance to that offered by a TRM, and is an excellent alternative to hard armour systems.
Sediment Control Fences

Silt Fences and Curtains
Three economical silt fences are available to control sediment run-off from construction sites of all sizes. They offer a combination of ultra violet resistance, strength and retention capabilities. Installed around the perimeter of construction sites, properly trenched and tightened, these products help to contain overland flow by forming continuous sediment basins to allow the suspended silt to settle.

Budget Silt Fence (SPC860SF)
Available in height of 860mm and rolls 100m long this product is a plain woven with no draw string.

All Purpose Silt Fence (SPC860DC)

A stronger silt fence, 860mm high, 100m long and having a draw string attached at the top. The draw string is particularly used to re-tighten the silt fence after a rainfall event.

Premium Silt Fence (914SCD)
A top of the range product with unique, woven, monofilament yarns offering superior filtration characteristics and flow rates. This is used in critical application. Roll size 900mm x 91.5m.

Silt Curtains
Are floating booms with a length of geotextile attached underneath. They are used to contain silt laden, turbid water on construction sites adjacent to water. They are available in prefabricated lengths of approximately 30m and depths of approximately 3.5m and 5.5m. The curtains need only to be weighted on site.
Biodegradable Erosion Products

Jute Mesh and Polyjute (407GR)
By Protecting the surface from water and wind erosion, JUTE MESH and Polyjute are designed to hold the soil surface and seeds in place until vegetation can take hold. The mesh then naturally degrades into the soil. The primary application for these meshes would be for limited slopes and swale drains where, once established, vegetation can cope with the erosive forces. They are not designed to permanently reinforce the vegetation. Polyjute is exceptionally light and easy to handle.

Jute Mat
LIGHT GRADE MAT has similar application to the meshes above, but where a uniform cover of material, rather than an open, grid like, pattern is required.

The mat will protect the soil and provide an environment which accelerates seed germination. As the mat covers most of the soil, fine bladed grasses should be used if seeding occurs beneath the mat.

HIGHGRADE MAT is used as a mulch mat to restrict weed growth whilst, allowing growth of spot-planted seedlings.

Landlok FRS - Geosynthetic 'Fibre Roving System'
LANDLOK Fibre Roving System is designed to protect newly seeded areas under slightly more severe applications than jute mesh; i.e. longer slopes or moderate water flow.

Using a simple compressed air gun, continuous strands of fibrillated, polypropylene yarns are applied to the ground surface. This creates a three-dimensional 'built in place', overlapping matrix that provides protection from rainfall impact and run off, preserves soil moisture, and provides beneficial shading and temperature moderation to foster plant development. The polypropylene filament eventually breaks down harmlessly into the soil.

The primary applications for LANDLOK FRS would be for slopes and swale drains where, once established, the natural vegetation can cope with the erosive forces. It is not designed to permanently reinforce the vegetation.