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G.S.E. Safety Products
Geotextile Supplies and Engineering Pty Ltd (G.S.E.) stocks a wide range of safety products for construction sites of all sizes.
  • Privacy Barrier - Privacy barriers may be manufactured from knitted polypropylene (similar to light shade cloth) or from lightweight, non-woven, geotextiles. Attached to the security fencing around construction sites, the barriers serve to restrict visibility.
  • Dust Barrier - Dust barriers are manufactured from lightweight non-woven geotextiles. Attached to security fencing around construction sites, the dust barrier will reduce the amount of wind-borne material leaving the site.
  • Safety or Hazard Mesh - Bright orange-coloured, lightweight knitted polypropylene material with a distinctive white band. Hazard mesh acts as a visual barrier around construction sites.
  • Safety Barrier Mesh - Bright orange-coloured, heavy duty, extruded plastic mesh that is designed to offer a visual and a physical barrier around construction sites. The safety barrier mesh is also re-usable.
  • Dig Alert - Coloured generally light to medium weight, non-woven or woven geotextiles. Used as an underground, visual barrier to warn of potential over-excavation or the presence of contaminants underneath.